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The complexity and dynamics of the modern understanding of health and disease on the one hand and the opportunities and risks of digitization and artificial intelligence on the other hand are the current challenges in Medical Informatics. New methods and innovative solutions are necessary to move from basic biomedical research to evidence-based and ethical medical care. To support this process is the research goal of the institute.

The various phases of Translational Research Informatics - from basic research as a creative and highly innovative process, to clinical research as a strongly regulated process, to Intersectoral Collaborative Research as a process that is particularly strongly influenced by health policy and economic conditions - present specific challenges that are explicitly addressed in the Institute in the corresponding scientific fields. The task of the Medical Data Integration Centre (MeDIC) is to bring together the complex and high-dimensional medical data and to make them available for research.

Further Information

Big Medical Data

The working group primarily deals with data from the fields of medicine and healthcare.

Biosignal Processing

The "Biosignal Processing" group develops automated analysis methods of sensor-based physiological signals from clinical practice.

Clinical decision support

The "Clinical Decision Support Systems" group develops and tailors novel data science methods for the analysis of clinical and molecular data to be applied for clinical decision support.

Collaborative Clinical Research

The "Clinical Collaborative Research" division researches and develops innovative methods and tools for cross-location clinical research.

Translational Research Informatics

The "Translational Research Informatics" deals with questions of research data infrastructure.

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