On Completion of Your Education

Prospects & career paths

Graduates of our bachelor curriculum in medical informatics have obtained a respected qualification and are highly sought for on the job market. A consecutive completion of the master study program widens your career prospects and gives you access to higher positions. Enrollment in a consecutive study program need not be done directly after graduation in a bachelor program. It is possible to pursue options in your professional career first and to return to the university at a later point. In any case, bachelor and master graduates have excellent job opportunities ahead of them.

Doctoral Study Programs

Pursuing a doctoral degree is the next big step in an academic career following graduation from a master study program. Goettingen university offers a wide range of doctoral study programs. Computer scientists should acquaint themselves with the doctoral programs at the “Georg-August-University School of Science (GAUSS)”, which hosts the “PhD Program in Computer Science (PCS)”. Several master graduates of our curriculum have completed GAUSS PCS successfully.

Career paths

Graduates can find potential employers primarily in the public sector and private healthcare institutions. In addition to an academic career in research, a career in management may also be of interest.

We have put together a selection of areas that should give you an impression of the variety of career opportunities in medical informatics. Depending on the employer, medical computer scientists are involved in different tasks and fields of activity.

  • Hardware and software providers
  • Data centers
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Research institutions
  • Health insurance companies
  • Health authorities
  • Federal institutions and associations
  • Medical Technology
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical practices
  • Consulting

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