Applied Computer Science

Department of Medical Informatics

Bachelor program

The Department for Medical Informatics of the University Medical Center Goettingen (UMG) is one of the founding departments of the Applied Computer Science program. Bachelor students of Applied Computer Science are enrolled at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Georg-August University. There the basics of computer science and mathematics are also taught to computer scientists. The study program is - provided that you have a university entrance qualification - open to admission. We are always available to advise you on orientation in your studies. The easiest way to request a consultation appointment is by e-mail. We also recommend that you take advantage of the wide range of advisory services offered by the university.

You can easily apply online. You can begin your studies in any winter semester (in October of each year). The language of instruction in the study program is German.


In the bachelor degree program in Applied Computer Science, all students attend a common core curriculum at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. At the beginning of the second semester you decide on an application subject ("major"). The application subject Medical Informatics is taught at the University Medical Center Goettingen (UMG). This has two major advantages for the students. First, short distances in everyday life, because the faculty buildings are only a few hundred meters apart. Main campus is also within walking distance. Secondly, you will be trained in the immediate context of medical care. This enables a close interlocking of theory and practice, which only few universities in Germany can offer.

Bachelor graduates from our curriculum possess a high level of practical skills and, for further vocational training, the ability to independently familiarize themselves with new areas. The bachelor graduates of the Goettingen medical informatics curriculum have

  • sound basic knowledge of the discipline,
  • good basic knowledge of standards in the health care system,
  • good basic knowledge of IT systems in the healthcare sector,
  • good basic knowledge of social security systems,
  • good basic knowledge in biomedicine,
  • a good understanding of the working methods of the professions that use medical informatics,
  • good technical and methodological skills, which allow flexible work in different areas.

This profile is supplemented by training in the fundamentals of computer science and mathematics, with in-depth coverage of telematics, operating systems, software engineering, formal systems, theoretical computer science and databases.

Master program

The Department of Medical Informatics is one of the founding departments of the Applied Computer Science program. Master students of Applied Computer Science are enrolled at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Georg-August University. Admission to the master study program is restricted. The department offers counseling on orientation, which is easily requested by email. We also encourage you to make use of the various counseling offers by Goettingen University.

Application for admission into the study program is done online. The study program can be started every winter and summer term (in October or April, respectively). Lectures and seminars are held in English.

Applicants for the master study program Applied Computer Science are expected to possess a bachelor degree that is at least closely related to computer science. Sound fundamental knowledge of mathematics and computer science must be proven. Fundamentals of the field will not be taught in the master program, you are expected to broaden and deepen your competencies and to specialize in your personal field of interest, particularly in your chosen application subject (“major”). Once you are admitted to the study program, you may choose your application subject. If you have no prior knowledge of Medical Informatics, we will draft a study plan with you that allows you to pursue complementary modules, in which you will master missing fundamentals; usually within the first two terms of your studies.

Graduates of the master study program have access to all professional trajectories of medical informaticians. They have acquired the competencies for a career as an IT-specialist in health care as well as management competencies. On an academic career path, they will pursue their own goals, but also support and teach junior students. Prospectively, graduates will be able to develop supporting roles in research management into leadership positions.

Graduates of our master curriculum are optimally prepared for this, as they possess, in addition to their bachelor degree profile:

  • advanced experience in techniques and methods of scientific work,
  • advanced understanding of IT-strategies and IT-management as well as an overall grasp of academic and economic types of organization, which enables them to adapt quickly to different professional profiles and act accordingly within them,
  • strongly developed and specific knowledge of the field, which enables them to orient themselves quickly in any scientific research,
  • advanced factual, methodological, and self-competencies that form a stable basis for their individual professional development,
  • the ability to freely move along the different professional trajectories of medical informaticians and to shape the phases of each professional challenge into an encompassing profile.

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