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Medical computer scientists directly support the work processes of various actors in medical care and research. This ranges from IT solutions for secure storage and transmission of biomedical data to clinical decision support. The users of the developed solutions are people from a wide range of professions and fields of activity.

In recent years, in addition to classical medical informatics, other fields of study have developed in which specific training profiles and expertise are acquired, which are urgently needed in today's job market. Our institute therefore offers medical informatics training in several study courses.

The Göttingen Bachelor and Master Curriculum in Medical Informatics was the first German curriculum to be accredited according to the guidelines of the International Medical Informatics Association in November 2012. The curriculum has been re-accredited for the years 2017 to 2022. This means that graduates of the Göttingen curriculum can easily prove their expertise internationally.

Further information

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Study programmes

In addition to the focus "Medical Informatics" in Applied Informatics, we also teach the subject in Applied Data Sciences, Human Medicine and Medical Engineering.

Eine Gruppe Studentinnen

Internships & Theses

In internships and dissertations you will gain a deep insight into the working methods of medical informatics and work on current issues from practice.

Prospective students

By studying Medical Informatics, you not only acquire skills in a highly relevant social area, but your job prospects are also excellent.

After graduation

After the bachelor's degree, you have many career opportunities open to you. A master's degree opens the way to management positions and an academic career.

Cooperation in teaching

Medical Informatics is interdisciplinary. Therefore, we cooperate with lecturers and courses of studies of various disciplines.

Why Medical Informatics? Perspectives for students

Thanks to their training, medical computer scientists can be deployed flexibly and can find attractive employers in the health care system and health care industry throughout Germany. The field of activity can be supply-near, for example in the hospital IT, but also institutions in the health service, for example health insurance companies and federal institutes, can offer interesting jobs for medical computer scientists.

There are also countless companies active in the healthcare market that also have a great need for medical IT specialists. There is also the option of an academic career in research.

As broad as the job opportunities for medical computer scientists in Germany are, the graduates must also be flexible and well-trained. The medical informatics training at our institute reflects a variety of profiles for the job market.

Regulations and study planning - Information for students

Dear students,

the Institute for Medical Informatics attaches great importance to the contact with you. On the one hand, this means that the institute management, the teaching coordination and the scientific staff are available for you at any time. On the other hand we also expect your regular presence in the courses. We are convinced that the transfer of knowledge is promoted by the presence and active participation of all participants. Last but not least, personal contact is the basis for your personal advice and support.

This is not contradicted by the fact that we expect a high degree of self-reliant organisation and independent work from you. An important prerequisite for this is knowledge of the applicable study and examination regulations. The current version of the regulations can be found on the website of the Georg-August-Universität.

Your first point of contact for student counselling is the teaching coordination office. There are no fixed office hours, you can visit us at any time. However, for more complex matters it is advisable to make an appointment in advance. Knowledge of the study and examination regulations is required for counselling interviews.

Good study planning is essential for successful studies. We encourage you to look beyond the scope of the compulsory courses when planning your studies. In order that voluntary benefits, especially external internships and stays abroad, can be integrated into your studies in a meaningful way, you should make an appointment for a consultation in good time.

We offer you templates for your individual study plan, which you can download below A study plan is not mandatory in the Bachelor's programme, but it is helpful. In the master's degree program, a study plan is mandatory.

Template for the study plan for the Bachelor's degree (German)

Template for the Study Plan in the Master Program (English)
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Teaching coordination

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Teaching coordination

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