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The majority of students who do internships and write their theses at our department are enrolled in the study programs applied computer science and applied data science. But the department offers internships to students outside of these study programs as well, because the interdisciplinary field of medical informatics allows for a number of interdisciplinary forms of practical teaching. Even students whose home faculty is not located in Goettingen may apply for an internship at our department.


Internships are an important part of your training. In our research projects there is always a variety of tasks that you can work on during an internship at the Department of Medical Informatics. If you would like to do a research-related internship, you can contact the research assistants of the department directly or contact teaching coordination.

A research-oriented internship at the department can be conducted full-time or part-time; duration depends on the study program and varies between five and twelve weeks. Please contact teaching coordinaton for counselling in all formal aspects of an internship such as study credits, duration and eligibility of an internship in your study program.

An external internship at other institutes, partner sites, or in the private sector can be of great value to you. However, you will have to plan for an increased effort of finding a suitable internship position and application procedure. It is absolutely necessary that you discuss the eligibility of an external internship in advance with teaching coordination.


Your final thesis is usually your last academic achievement in a study program. On this website we provide you with a comprehensive guide to writing your thesis; an english translation is in preparation.

Please note the documents and forms provided by the Institute of Computer Science. If you want to write your thesis in LaTeX, please use the templates of the Institute of Computer Science.


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