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Department of Medical Informatics

The majority of the internships and theses awarded are worked on by students of the degree programmes Applied Computer Science and Applied Data Science at the University of Göttingen. However, the allocation of interdisciplinary internships and theses is also possible. It is also possible to contact our institute if your examination regulations require an external internship.


Internships are an important part of your training. In our research projects there is always a variety of tasks that you can work on during an internship at the Institute for Medical Informatics. However, you should already have completed the essential basic modules of your studies before you plan a research-related internship. Therefore an internship before the fourth semester is unusual, but not excluded. If you would like to do a research-related internship, you can contact the research assistants of the institute directly or contact the teaching coordination.

A research-related internship at the Institute of Medical Informatics can be completed full-time or part-time and lasts five or ten weeks in the Bachelor's program full-time, six or twelve weeks in the Master's program. Please discuss the number of credits to be acquired and the eligibility of credits with the teaching coordination.

An external internship at other institutes or in a company can be of great value to you. However, you will have to plan for an increased effort in finding a suitable internship place and an application procedure. We also recommend that you discuss the eligibility of an external internship in advance with the Teaching Coordination Office.

Final Thesis

Your final thesis is usually your last academic achievement. On this website we provide you with a comprehensive guide to writing your thesis and ask you to read it carefully. If you would like to write your thesis in Word, we provide you with a Word template for this purpose. Further explanations of the template can be found in the guide. You can also use the template for term papers and internship reports.

Please note the documents and forms provided by the Institute of Computer Science. If you want to write your thesis in LaTeX, please use the templates of the Institute of Computer Science.


Teaching coordination

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Teaching coordination

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