Applied Data Science

Bachelor program

Bachelor program

The Department for Medical Informatics of the University Medical Center Goettingen (UMG) is one of the founding departments of the Applied Data Science program. Bachelor students of Applied Data Science are enrolled at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Georg-August University. There, the basics of computer science, mathematics, stochastics and data science are taught. Admission into the study program is not restricted. A sound knowledge of English is recommended for the course. You can always schedule appointments for counseling on study orientation, an appointment is easily required by email. In addition, we recommend that you also take advantage of the wide range of advisory services offered by the university. You can easily apply for a study place online. You can begin your studies in any winter semester (each year in October).

In the bachelor degree program Applied Data Science all students attend a common core curriculum at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. Application subjects are being introduced in an orientation module, after which students decide on their personal application subject. The application subject Medical Informatics is taught at the University Medical Center Goettingen. This has two major advantages. Firstly, short distances in everyday life, because the faculty buildings are only a few hundred meters apart, and main campus is also within walking distance. Secondly, you will be trained in the immediate context of medical care. This enables a close interlocking of theory and practice, which only few universities in Germany can offer.

Applied Data Science is a relatively new field of study. It includes methods and procedures for structure and pattern recognition, the analysis and knowledge acquisition from data, as well as the techniques required to process large and possibly unstructured data sets. The need for an academic education of specialized data scientists became apparent with the emergence of big data. In (bio)medicine, the decoding of the human genome was a major driver for the emergence of separate data science foci. Unexpectedly fast, genome analyses became widely available and confronted experts in research and supply with unusually large amounts of data, but also with many new types of data whose meaningful use has yet to be explored. The young field is in constant motion and graduates in applied data science can expect a varied and exciting work environment. Potential employers can be found in practically all areas of business and research as well as on all institutional levels.

Master program

In the winter term 2021/22, the new consecutive master study program Applied Data Science was introduced at Goettingen University. The Department of Medical Informatics is one of the founding departments of the study program. In analogy to the bachelor program, students pass a core curriculum at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and deepen it in a field of application. The Department of Medical Informatics offers the application field Medical Data Science together with the Departments of Biomedical Informatics, Medical Statistics, and Genetic Epidemiology. All four departments are part of the University Medical Center Goettingen (UMG). This collaboration in the curriculum credits the high importance of interdisciplinary work in applied data science.

Within Medical Data Science, a combination of fundamental subjects and elective modules allows all students a perfect start into the program and a stringent development of their competencies acquired in their bachelor degree program. Additionally, there are numerous options to combine elective modules from the core curriculum and other fields of application with the Medical Data Science domain. That allows students to focus on their interests and to shape their own individual graduate profile.

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