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The "Big Data" working group is primarily concerned with data from the field of medicine and healthcare. Big Data in this context are defined from the perspective of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) as "Extremely large data sets that can be complex, multidimensional, unstructured, and heterogeneous, that accumulate rapidly, and that can be analyzed computationally to identify patterns, trends, and relationships. In general, large data sets require advanced or specialized methods to provide an answer within reliable limits." This description fully applies to the UMG health care data that converge in MeDIC. Therefore, one goal of the working group is to make this "Big Data" usable for research.

Within the working group "Big Data" the junior research group "FAIRRMeDIC" wants to pursue the scientific method development and evaluation for a medical data integration center (MeDIC) under the current aspects of the real implementation of a MeDIC. In doing so, the FAIR principles will be extended with regard to reliability, as this aspect is crucial to be able to use Real-World Data to generate Real-World Evidence.

This is the basis for the main work areas of the junior research group "FAIRRMeDIC":

  • System and structural analysis of previous approaches to data integration
  • Modeling, system design and development of a generic data integration platform considering the aspect of reliability
  • Integration of data with specific safeguarding mechanisms
  • Integration of control mechanisms for data protection and data security


Deputy Head / Scientific head MeDIC

Prof. Dr. med. Tibor Kesztyüs

Prof. Dr. med. Tibor Kesztyüs

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Big Medical Data

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