Department of Medical Informatics

The Department for Medical Informatics is involved in a large number of research projects. Below you will find a list of current projects that are in an ongoing funding phase. Inquiries about the research activities of the institute can be sent by email to


2020 to 2021

National Research Network of University Medicine

B-FAST | Nationwide Research Network Applied Surveillance and Testing


2020 to 2021

National Research Network of University Medicine

COMPASS | Coordination on mobile pandemic apps best practice and solution sharing


2020 to 2021

National Research Network of University Medicine

CODEX | COVID-19 Data Exchange Platform

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2018 to 2020

Optimization of emergency care through structured initial assessment using intelligent assistance services

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2016 to 2019

Anonymised routine data from outpatient care (RADAR)

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2016 to 2020

Process-related, context-sensitive decision support and simulation for therapy support using the example of chronic wounds

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SFB 1002

2012 to 2024

Collaborative Research Centre 1002: Modulatory units in heart failure

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A knowledge base for generating patient-specific pathways for individualized treatment decisions in clinical applications

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SFB 1190

2016 to 2019

Collaborative Research Centre 1190: Compartmental Gates and Contact Sites in Cells

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2013 to 2019

Disease-related Competence Network Multiple Sclerosis

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2018 to 2021

Heidelberg - Goettingen - Hannover Medical Informatics

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2014 to 2018

Improving the detection and treatment of bipolar disorders

KFO 5002

Clinical Research Unit 5002 "Data Management Subproject on Pancreatic Carcinoma"

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European Register on Multiple Sclerosis 2

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Genotype-phenotype relationships and the neurobiology of longitudinal psychosis

Future laboratory health

2019 to 2024

Digitisation in health care


2019 to 2022

Anonymised routine data from outpatient care for health services research

German Biobank Node

2017 to 2020

German Biobank Node/ -  IT Development Location Göttingen

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