Collaborative Research Centres

Department of Medical Informatics

As a strong research location, the UMG is involved in a large number of large-scale collaborative research centres of the German Research Foundation.

Basic research is characterised by a high degree of creativity. This means that the process of generating knowledge is extremely flexible and can only be standardised in individual sections, such as a fixed analysis pipeline. On the other hand, the traceability of a scientific result is of increasing importance.

The Institute of Medical Informatics actively participates in various Collaborative Research Centres in order to support the researchers at the location in data management and documentation of research activities with software solutions in an optimal way.

  • In the SFB 1002 (Modulatory Units in Heart) Failure the Institute is responsible for the development of the research data platform (TP INF).
  • This research platform is used in the SFB 1190 (Compartmental Gates and Contact Sites in Cells) and SFB 1286 (Quantitative Synaptology) and is further developed by the institute in close cooperation with the researchers. 

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