Department of Medical Informatics

The UMG is a founding member of the HiGHmed consortium, one of the four consortia funded by the BMBF's Medical Informatics Initiative, which aims to make medical data from healthcare available for research across locations. The Institute is active in many working groups of the consortium and the initiative.

As an important element of the initiative, so-called medical data integration centres (MeDICs) are being established in all participating university hospitals. The UMG-MeDIC is part of the Institute.

In the HiGHmed consortium, the clinical benefit of the IT solutions is in the foreground, which is why the partners are developing along three clinical use cases that address current highly-relevant clinical issues. Each use case is managed in tandem with clinical and medical expertise.

Use Cases

At the Institute, Prof. Krefting, together with Prof. Bavendiek from the Hanover Medical School, heads the Use Case Cardiology, which focuses on heart failure patients. In particular, the analysis of clinical data and the integration of wearables and patient feedback should help to identify high-risk patients faster.

The Use Case Oncology under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ellenrieder is supervised by Prof. Kesztyüs. Here, in particular, genetic data, image data and data of similar patients are to be prepared for therapy decisions and made accessible across locations.

The Use Case Infection Control under the direction of Prof. Dr. Scheithauer is supervised at the institute by Mrs. Dr. Rey. By integrating a wide variety of data sources in the participating clinics, possible outbreaks of infection are to be detected and the ways in which they spread are to be traced.

Continuing education and training

Digitisation in the health care system can only succeed through comprehensive education, training and continuing education of the digital competences of all stakeholders. This is addressed by the HiGHmed consortium through an independent teaching project - HiGHmeducation. It is also managed by the Institute for Medical Informatics (Prof. Krefting). The aim of HiGHmeducation is the cross-locational teaching of medicaliformiformatic skills using new digital teaching methods.


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